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The Bowler’s Club Tournament Trio (1953)

August 30, 2013

The Bowler's Club Tournament Trio (1953)

Count Gengler (1917)

August 26, 2013

The Count


#26 Bowler of the 20th Century

Bowlers Journal 1910-1925 Special All-American

Bowling’s Greatest Hustler


Ned Day (1937)

August 23, 2013

Day, Ned (1938)


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1952

#5 Bowler of the 20th Century

Bowler of the Year, 1942-43, 1943-44

All-American, 1937-38, 1940-41, 1941-42, 1943-44, 1947-48

Match Game champion, 1937-1942

All Star champion, 1943-44

Match Game Doubles champion, 1944, 1950-1951

3 ABC championships (1948-AE, 1956-T, 1956-TAE)

Petersen Classic winner, 1943

Bowler’s Pride Grips (1958)

August 21, 2013

Bowler's Pride Grips (1958)

Mike Limongello, aka Mike Lemongello (1967)

August 19, 2013

Limongello, Mike

(1944-  )

U.S. Open champion, 1971

PBA National champion, 1971

5 PBA titles

World’s Invitational Tournament 1964

August 16, 2013

The eighth World’s Invitational Tournament was held at Globe Bowl in Chicago, November 19-29, 1964. For the first time the event was staged at a commercial bowling center. The field remained 128 men, 64 women. This was the last World’s Invitational Tournament.


Gus Burkhardt (1907)

August 14, 2013

Burkhardt, Gus


Chicago Bowling Star

A Steve Nagy Bibliography

August 12, 2013

Hall-of-Famer Steve Nagy was born 100 years ago tomorrow—August 13, 1913.  Twice voted the Bowler of the Year and four times an All-American, he was ranked #23 among 20th Century bowlers in the Bowlers Journal poll.  His tournament resume includes five ABC championships and the 1954-55 All-Star.  Nagy also rolled the first filmed 300 game, and is still the only bowler featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  After his 1966 death, the PBA remembered this genuinely-beloved man with an annual Steve Nagy “good guy” award.  


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1963 World’s Invitational Tournament Program

August 11, 2013

1963 World's Invitational

World’s Invitational Tournament 1963

August 9, 2013

The seventh World’s Invitational Tournament was again held at McCormick Place in Chicago, November 21-December 1, 1963. The field remained 128 men, 64 women.