Wheaton Bowl—Wheaton, IL

February 26, 2017

101--Wheaton Bowl

2031 N. Gary Ave.


The Fabulous, Furry Thoma Brothers (1960)

February 24, 2017

(L-R)–Clarence, Fred, Frank (Sykes), Harry

CLARENCE THOMA (1893-1961) 

       1 ABC championship (1924-D)

FRED THOMA (1891-1966)

       1 ABC championship (1918-D)

FRANK “SYKES” THOMA (1896-1980)

       Bowling Hall of Fame, 1971

       All-American, 1926-27, 1927-28

       2 ABC championships (1916-D, 1916-AE)

HARRY THOMA (1895-1968)

       1 ABC championship (1924-D)



Opal Reed Stop-Action (1957)

February 22, 2017


Mergard’s College Hill Lanes—Cincinnati (1950)

February 20, 2017


6060 Hamilton Ave.

Brunswick Centennial Equipment (1942)

February 19, 2017

Ronnie Jones (1957)

February 17, 2017



1 ABC championship (1957-D)

“The New Yorker” Bowling Cartoon (2004)

February 15, 2017


“Bowled Over”

February 13, 2017

“Bowled Over” is the name of the program I’m presenting for the Glenside Public Library District, on February 28th, 7:00-8:00 PM.  I’ll be talking about bowling history, famous bowlers, and whatever else seems interesting.  The location is the Brunswick Zone Center, 558 North Avenue, Glendale Heights, Illinois.


Here’s the link to the library’s website—


I am not allowed to sell copies of my book The Bowling Chronicles at this free event.  However, I’ll be happy to sign copies of any of my books that anybody brings.  And you can always bowl a few games, too.

Hope to see you there!


Brookfield Bowl

February 12, 2017


3415 Maple Ave. (Brookfield)

Berry Brothers Alley Finish (1952)

February 10, 2017