A Steve Nagy Bibliography

Hall-of-Famer Steve Nagy was born 100 years ago tomorrow—August 13, 1913.  Twice voted the Bowler of the Year and four times an All-American, he was ranked #23 among 20th Century bowlers in the Bowlers Journal poll.  His tournament resume includes five ABC championships and the 1954-55 All-Star.  Nagy also rolled the first filmed 300 game, and is still the only bowler featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  After his 1966 death, the PBA remembered this genuinely-beloved man with an annual Steve Nagy “good guy” award.  


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One Response to “A Steve Nagy Bibliography”

  1. Steven Barkin Says:

    Steve Nagy (probably because we shared the same first name) was my favorite bowler when I was a child and watched him on Championship Bowling.

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