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An Earl Anthony Bibliography

December 7, 2017

Earl Anthony (1938-2001) was a legend.  He was selected as the greatest player of the PBA’s first fifty years and ranked #3 in BJI‘s list of 20th Century bowlers.  A first team All American honoree twelve years in a row, he was voted Bowler of the Year six times and was chosen as Bowler of the Decade for the 1970s.  Anthony’s 43 PBA titles included six PBA National Championships, two Masters Tournament victories, and two Tournament of Champions victories.  His resume also included one ABC Tournament eagle.  He was elected to the Bowling Hall of Fame in 1986.


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A Count Gengler Bibliography

May 18, 2017

John “Count” Gengler (1882-1957) is bowling’s legendary figure.  A native of Luxemburg, he came to the United States in 1914.  He soon began making a living as a traveling bowling hustler–since he bowled palm ball and used only one step, he looked like an easy mark.  When he eventually lost his anonymity, Gengler became an exhibition bowler.  He bowled very few tournaments, though he did team with Harry Cohn to win the Doubles in the 1916 Atlantic Coast Bowling Tournament.  Gengler quit bowling after losing a well-publicized match to Jimmy Smith in 1926.  He spent the rest of his life in New York and New Orleans, raising race horses.



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A Hank Marino Bibliography

December 9, 2016

Hank Marino (1889-1976) was the first person elected to the bowling Hall of Fame in 1941.  Ten years later, a national poll of writers named him Bowler of the Half-Century.  Forty-eight years after that, Marino still achieved a 4th place rank on BJI‘s all-century list.  If you want to know how he earned such respect, consult the list of articles below.


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A Dick Weber Bibliography

July 29, 2016

Dick Weber (1929-2005) may have been the greatest bowler in history.  He is certainly among the top three or four.  Weber won 26 PBA titles, and 4 All-Star tournaments in 5 years.  Bowlers Journal named him a first team All-American ten times.  He was also a three-time Bowler-of-the-Year.  A favorite with the fans, he was often called “Bowling’s Greatest Ambassador.”  


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A Joe Norris Bibliography

May 23, 2016

No bowler had as long a career at the top as Joe Norris (1908-2001).  He rolled his first perfect game when he was 18—at the time, he was considered the youngest bowler to shoot a 300.  He bowled his last perfect game when he was 86—and became the oldest bowler to accomplish the fete.  In between he had a Hall-of-Fame career.  A selection of Norris articles follows.

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A Billy Welu Bibliography

October 12, 2015

Billy Welu (1932-1974) was a great bowler.  He won the 1958-59 All-Star Tournament, and back-to-back Masters in 1964 and 1965—as well as 4 ABC eagles, 2 PBA titles, and an assortment of minor events.  A seven-time All-American, Welu was ranked #22 bowler of the 20th Century in the BJI poll.  While he was accomplishing all this on the lanes, he found time to be the color commentator on ABC-TV’s PBA Tour broadcasts.  He died suddenly at age 41 in 1974.  A year later, he was elected to the bowling Hall of Fame.


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A Jimmy Blouin Bibliography

July 25, 2014

Jimmy Blouin (1886-1947) won two ABC eagles. However, his specialty was head-to-head competition. In 1921 Blouin beat “unbeatable” Jimmy Smith in a 60-game match. The next year, the 115-game World Classic Tournament was staged to determine bowling’s top man. Blouin won that event, then defeated the next three finishers (including Smith) in three separate matches to become the sport’s first official match-game champion. He defended twice more, then retired undefeated in 1926. Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1953, Blouin was Bowlers Journal‘s Bowler-of-the-Decade for the 1920s, and was ranked #17 among 20th Century bowlers in the 1999 poll.

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A Buddy Bomar Bibliography

April 11, 2014

Herbert Booth “Buddy” Bomar (1916-1989) was rated #18 in the Bowlers Journal ranking of 20th Century bowlers. Moving from Texas to Chicago in 1942, he soon began earning a national reputation. Bomar won the 1944-45 All-Star, shared the Match-Game Doubles title in 1944 and 1950, and captured both editions of the 1947 Petersen Classic. He captained teams that won the Match-Game Team title and two ABC eagles. All these accomplishments resulted in Bomar being named Bowler of the Year twice, an All-American five times, and Bowler of the Decade for the 1940s. He was elected to the ABC Hall of Fame in 1966.   


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A Joe Falcaro Bibliography

November 20, 2013

Joe Falcaro (1896-1951) spent most of his bowling career in New York, knew how to get publicity, and often antagonized people.  When he won the match-game title, he defended once, then fended off all challenges until he was put out of action by a gunshot wound.  These facts have caused many historians to undervalue Falcaro’s bowling talent, and delayed his Hall of Fame election until 1975.  Yet the 1999 Bowlers Journal poll ranked him as high as #27 of 20th Century bowlers–which is still about 26 places lower than Chesty Joe would have ranked himself. 


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A Joe Wilman Bibliography

October 11, 2013

Joe Wilman (1905-1969) was ranked #13 among 20th Century bowlers in the 1999 Bowlers Journal poll. He was elected to the bowling Hall of Fame in 1951, the first man chosen after the 11 charter members. Wilman was a six-time All-American.  Fresh out of the World War II army, he posted one of the greatest-ever seasons by a bowler in 1945-46, winning both the All-Star Tournament and the ABC All Events championship.  He remained a top-level competitor until a heart attack felled him at the 1958 ABC Tournament.  Thereafter he confined himself to instructing.  When Wilman died in 1969, his favorite bowling ball was cremated along with him. 


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