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Joe Joseph for Ace Mitchell’s Shur-Lift (1961)

November 29, 2018

A Paul Krumske Bibliography

November 27, 2018

Paul Krumske (1912-1979) never won an ABC championship.  That was about the only thing missing from his resume.  He was captain of the BPAA Team Match Game champion Meister Brau Beer (1946-47), shared the Doubles Match Game championship with Joe Sinke (1945), and won the Individual Match Game championship in the last challenge match permitted (1944).  A seven-time All American, he was elected to the Bowling Hall of Fame in 1968, and ranked #44 in the 1999 BJI poll of 20th Century bowlers.  But perhaps Krumske’s greatest honor was being chosen as Chicago’s Bowler of the Half Century in 1950. 

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Jerry Lewis vs. Paul Krumske Fundraiser (1957)

November 25, 2018

Herb Freitag (1940)

November 22, 2018

Freitag, Herb (1940)


1 ABC championship (1940-D)


Brunswick All-Stars—New York (1912)

November 20, 2018

FRONT—William Cordes (sponsor) REAR—Glenn Riddell, Alex Dunbar, Harold Horton, John Koster, Mort Lindsey

San Francisco Average Book (1966)

November 18, 2018

Bill Tucker (1958)

November 15, 2018


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1988

All American, 1960-61

All-Star champion, 1960-61

2 ABC championships (1958-D, 1968-CD)

3 PBA titles

Betty Kuczynski (1961)

November 13, 2018


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1981

Bowler of the Year, 1964-65

All American, 1964-65

Queens champion, 1965

PWBA National Championship winner, 1964

Match Game Doubles champion, 1962, 1964

1 WIBC championship (1966-T)

Bowlers Victory Legion War Bond Poster (1944)

November 11, 2018

Wallace Pierce (1915)

November 8, 2018


1 ABC championship (1915-S)