#1–1967–Miami Beach




#5–1972–Long Beach




#9–1976–Oklahoma City


#11–1978–St. Louis





#16–1983–Niagara Falls



#19–1986–Las Vegas

#20–1987–Niagara Falls





#25–1992–Corpus Christi




#29–1996–Salt Lake City









#38–2005–Baton Rouge

#39–2006–Corpus Christi



#42–2009–Las Vegas



#45–2012–Baton Rouge





2015--El Paso (D/S only)

#48–2015–El Paso (D/S only)



#50–2017–Las Vegas


#52–2019–Las Vegas

#53–2021–Las Vegas
#54–2022–Las Vegas

24 Responses to “DR. JAKE’S ABC/USBC”

  1. Alberto Soto (@betobowl) Says:

    Beatifuel history of your bowling teams, Congratulations.

  2. Jim Matuszak Says:

    Saw Brian in your first – evidently he didn’t shoot well as he never returned!!! Approaching 50 events!!! A great accomplishment, congratulations Jake!!!!! Jim Matuszak

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      When I bowl the USBC now, it’s mostly ceremonial, and I’m happy whenever I manage a 200 game. I actually met my wife through Brian, but I haven’t seen him in over 30 years.

  3. Ray Botts Says:

    hey guys. i bowled in the 1976 ABC tournament and did fairly well in the singles. i was in 6th place at one point. Since then, I lost the prize list/standings i received with my prize check. I was wondering if i could find a copy of those standings because i don’t remember what place i ended up in. I think it was 15th but, not sure.

    I was also interviewed by the newspapers and some of them had my interview in their sports sections. i did not get all of those clippings either but remember seeing it in the papers the next day.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Ray Botts

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The ABC prize list was published in the July 1976 issue of Bowling magazine. You had 694 for T-33rd place, and won $675. Nice shooting for those days!

      • ray botts Says:

        hey, thanks for that. I never thought to look there. I tried the ok newspapers for the stories published. I have one of them in my storage somewhere but haven’t come across it yet. there’s a story about that singles set I have to share with you.
        they got my score wrong in game 1. they wouldn’t change it either. I didn’t know what to do but never got it resolved. in game 1 I had a 212 I think, but. the scorer never hung my strikes I was getting. they miscommunication somehow. it should have been a 247 game because where I had my first turkey the gave me a spare, 7-, and a strike. when I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes the score was wrong. I should have refused to bowl until they corrected it. so whatever my games were, game 1 shoulda been 247. my series was actually a lot higher.

      • ray botts Says:

        I can’t fitnd that bowl magazine issue anywhere. can you send me a link?


      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        I don’t have a link, since Bowling magazine hasn’t been digitalized. Sorry!

  4. Lee Smolen Says:

    Is therea place to buy any pictures or bowling memorabelia? Thank you

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Bowling memorabilia is a pretty specialized market. I think your best bet is antique malls or websites like ebay.

  5. Lee Says:

    Thank you. Pictures too (ie, what is on your site)?

  6. Patrick Burke Says:

    J.R. i am impress with your great work on the memorabilla pict. & your dedication & interest in the sport of bowling l grew up in the bussiness if you go to the dying craft of sanding bowling alleys that my article since your from Chicago land wonder if you new of any pict.of old pict.of Brunswick headquarters when they were in Skotie any how again great job.
    Patrick Burke

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Thanks for the note. Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of Brunswick’s Skokie office. Still, somebody might send me one–it’s happened before.

  7. ray botts Says:

    how or where did you look it up? I can provide an address or email address to get a copy of the prize at least the top 100 as I had friends who finished in top 100 too.

    no cost to you of course and only if you have time to do it.



  8. John King Jr. Says:

    Hello Jake: Congratulations on your upcoming 50th Tournament.
    Remember I bowled with you on my 1st and your 3rd tournament in Knoxville. Good Luck. John King

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Hi John–
      Thanks for your message. I remember Knoxville in 1970 very well, driving all Friday night from Chicago, then sleeping in the hotel Saturday afternoon before we bowled Team event Saturday night. It was much easier flying down there in 2003. Give my best to any of the old Empire guys you still see, and of course, to your brother Mike.

  9. Mike Greenamyre Says:

    Congratulations on reaching 50 years. I really enjoyed looking at these photos. I bowled my first Nationals in Reno with my father in 1998 but, unfortunately lost him to cancer in June 1999. I’ve been bowling Nationals every year since. I will make 20 years in Las Vegas this year and hope I can make it to 50 tournamant appearances someday. Again, congratulations!

  10. jonathandrew stefancin Says:

    These team photos are phenomenal. I’ve been doing a bit of archiving and researching lately and you’d be surprised how many people dont keep track of things like this.

    Far be it from me to make suggestions, but I’d love it if there were some accompanying notes with each year’s photograph. Over 50 years, there’s GOT to be stories, anecdotes, and interesting information. Flying out vs driving out, losing luggage, bowling bags traveling separately, so-and-so’s last year with the team, so-and-so’s first year with the team. We sure would like to read it.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I was going to write a column of my ABC/USBC memories in Bowlers Journal when I bowled in my 50th, but I decided not to. Maybe someday.

      • Ray Botts Says:

        hello Jake,

        been a fan for years….
        hey, can you still get reprints of bowler standings/prizes won from old ABCs? I finished pretty high in singles 1976 Oklahoma City and the sports writer did an interview with me after my squad which appeared in I guess a local paper there. at the time I bowled I was in 6th place.
        would like to know how to get one or both for scrapbook.

        ray botts

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        The USBC would have that info. I didn’t save my 1976 tournament prize book. Sorry!

      • Ray Botts Says:

        ok. thanks. doubt they will have the newspaper. I have it somewhere if it didn’t get destroyed through years of storage. be glad to send it to you if I find it.


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