Karlov Bowl

Karlov Bowl

3939 W. Armitage Ave.

16 Responses to “Karlov Bowl”

  1. John Rodriguez Says:

    I bowled here. on the Saturday Junior’s League, from 1974 or 75 until 1983. I knew Barbara DeBacker and Jack Neitzel. Barbara had bowled with me a few times when they had tournaments there. My team took first place at least 3 times while I was there. I used to love the jukebox and the Tombstone pizza’s they would make. It was such a fun little 8 lane house. It was sad to see this place close, but still a lot of good memories and fun times growing up.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Karlov was a great place! I first bowled there in 1964-65, when it was one of the houses in the Teenage Traveling League. Later, I was back from time to time with the North End Traveling League.

  2. frank mrozek Says:

    I bowled there in the junior leagues and bowled in a few of the father and son tournaments with a regular by the name of Ray Civik.. We bowled there and then went on to the city finals and came in second or third for my division. It was a fun place in the city with Harold’s grill next door. I remember the day the juke box was brought in and I was the first one to break the balls on the adjacent pool table and the cue ball went off the table and broke the glass.. We were than told we needed to start breaking the rack cueing up from the jukebox side.. Jack wasn’t too thrilled about that.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The first time I bowled at Karlov was in 1964. The BPA-GC had a Teen Age Traveling League, and we represented Habetler’s. During the early 1970s, Karlov was one of the houses we bowled at in the North End. Jack’s brother Bob Neitzel later bought Empire Bowl, where I bowled for 25 years.

  3. Jack Neitzel Says:

    In 1956 I became Secretary of the North End Traveling League and Bought in to Lambert Lanes in 1960. In 1962 I bought Karlov Bowl and moved a North End Team there. Shirley Kaminky and I started the Jr. Bowling Traveling League. In 1980 I purchased Irving Park Lanes. In 1988 I closed Karlov Bowl. In 2008 I sold Irving Park. In that time frame I served as Pres. Of the Chicago Bowling Proprietors and Illinois State Proprietors. For 12 Years I served on the Tournament Committee for The Bowling Proprietors of America. I am now retired and live in Lakewood Ranch,Fl.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Glad to hear from you. I remember both you and Shirley, since I bowled in the Teen Age Traveling League, and later the North End. I also got to know your brother Bob very well when he owned Empire Bowl. The old Karlov building was still vacant the last time I drove by, but Irving Park is going strong. Right now, there are fewer than 20 bowling alleys within the Chicago city limits. Times change, but not always for the better.

    • Dean Hickstein Says:


      My father and I bowled at Karlov for many years. I remember Flip and John working there.

      Do you have any pictures of the inside of Karlov that you could share for historic purposes?

      Please email me at chicagophotog@hotmail.com.


      Dean Hickstein

    • Tim Bostedt Says:

      Hope you are enjoying retirement Jack. Always enjoed bowling Karlov, and the people who worked there.
      Tim Bostedt

    • Gene Kirkham Says:

      Hey Jack! Long time no see. How do you like FL life? Miss those good old days. Gene Kirkham

  4. Colleen Sawyer Says:

    I am in shock! I use to bowl here on a league in the late 70’s early 80’s. Our team won 1st place here one season! Great place!

  5. Eric B Says:

    My old man use to bowl there when i was young. He had a 300 game in 1982. I might have been there might not have been, but i did see the pics when he got the ring. Ive lived in Texas since 1987 and its kinda cool to see the old chicago alleys, really different from the cookie cutters you see now!!

  6. Frank Tardio Says:

    I bowled in the NW Traveling League there on Sat nites. One of the first houses to have automatic scorers. You had to move a lever when you were up. People would forget and things were constantly messed up.

  7. Larry Brown Says:

    I bowled at Karlov on Saturday mornings in the junior league. I came across some of the trophies I won recently, 1970 thru 1974. Our family lived close to the lanes and I would $5 a week allowance which paid for for my league dues and I would always have enough left for a small pizza and coke. I probably still have the bowling shirt packed away somewhere. My family left Chicago in 1974 and moved to Peoria and I have been here ever since. What memories!

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