An Andy Varipapa Bibliography

Andy Varipapa died on August 25, 1984.   To mark the 25th anniversary of his death, my BJI article for August 2009 is a collection of Varipapa stories.  For anyone interested in further reading about The Great Varipapa, check out the list below.


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5 Responses to “An Andy Varipapa Bibliography”

  1. R.Carlson Says:

    Andy Varipapa..The only pro that could pick up the 7-10, at 1 time with 2 balls at once..1 of the best trick bowler of all time.

  2. Marty San Felippo Says:

    Making the 7-10 with two balls is not very difficult. When I was bowling competitively my 7-10 conversion rate with two balls was around 80%. Now that I am only giving instructions I can still make it 50% of the time using a 12 lb house ball for the right hand and a 10 lb house ball for the left hand.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Pretty good. But I’m still waiting for someone who can duplicate Bud Schaibly’s trick.

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