Carmen Salvino—Happy 88th, Carmen!

(1933-  )

Bowling Hall of Fame, 1979

#34 Bowler of the 20th Century

All-American, 1974-75

PBA National Championship winner, 1962

Match Game Doubles champion, 1953

3 ABC championships (1954-T, 1954-TAE, 1972-CD)

17 PBA titles

2 Responses to “Carmen Salvino—Happy 88th, Carmen!”

  1. Bob Schumacher Says:

    Carmen is a quality human of the highest order. I had the pleasure of traveling with the ‘;great man’ on the summer tour in 1979. Learned more about ‘life’ and what makes the world go around from him than from any other source. Carmen exhibits great respect for all humans; he’s one of the really ‘good ones’!

  2. Gunther Wagner Says:

    Agree with Bob. In the late 50’s at Faetz I used to get his thumb ready with Collodion and cotton under the dryer in the mens
    room Friday nights. Loved his mannerism of putting his thumb and
    forefinger together and mimic minney applause; If I remember correctly he revised his approach to stay current with the changes
    in the game.

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