Hollywood Bowl—Lincoln, NE (1957)

920 N. 48th St.

The sign merely says “Fazio in Person.”  Suppose it’s not Buzz Fazio, but just some other guy named Fazio?

One Response to “Hollywood Bowl—Lincoln, NE (1957)”

  1. Marty San Felippo Says:

    Seeing Buzz Fazio’s name on the outside marque reminds me of a story. When I was 17 in August 1962, a new bowling center opened their doors for business. To celebrate their grand opening Buzz Fazio was to bowl a three game match. The center conducted a promotion their first two weeks that would feature any open bowler with the highest three game scratch series would bowl against Buzz. The match would be bowled on a Saturday evening in front of a grand opening crowd.
    I really wanted to win the promotion. I bowled probably ten three game sets. Every time I bowled what I thought was a high enough series, around 680, another bowler, who will remain nameless, although a fair player in the city, would somehow magically appear late at night and bowl just a few pins higher than my score.
    Friday, the night before the match, I entered the center only to find out that once again, my score had been beat by the same person and only a few pins higher than mine.
    I was very upset and decided to give it one more attempt. The counter person knew me from my previous three game sets and asked me if I would mind bowling with the person already on lanes five and six. His name was Dennis Juechter another high average player in the city. I knew Dennis from bowling against him in the brothers tournament that summer.
    Dennis and I bowled several three game sets. The third set I scored 740. Certainly, nobody was going to top that series with the match being scheduled for the following night at 8 pm.
    Dennis wished me luck and said he would come to watch me bowl against Buzz Fazio.
    You can’t begin to imagine how excited I was that night. The next morning the manager called and told me that someone had beat my score with a 745 series. You guessed it, the same person. I was crushed. I asked the manager how this could happen. He told me around 12 midnight when he was checking out the registers, mr nameless came in, bowled by himself and beat my score.
    That night Dennis entered the center and asked me why I wasn’t ready for my match with Buzz. When I told him what happened, all Dennis could say was he knew mr nameless and wouldn’t trust him as far as he could throw him. He had a reputation of being a cocky, arrogant, duplicitous individual.
    That night my father, Dennis and I watched the match. It wasn’t a question of who we were routing for but who we were routing against.
    Two ironic points. # 1 – I can’t remember the scores of that exhibition
    however, suffice it to say, mr. nameless did not bowl well at all.
    # 2 – In 1988, twenty six years later, I got even with mr nameless. I bought the center!

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