Joe Norris Demonstrates Bad Etiquette (1942)

In 1942 Bowling magazine published an article about etiquette on the lanes.  To illustrate bad manners, they enlisted the help of Joe Norris, then at the height of his competitive career.

I got to know Joe in his later years, but didn’t run across these pictures until after he’d passed away.  Too bad—I would’ve loved to have had him talk about this photo shoot.  I bet he had fun!

And yes, in 1942 many men did bowl in dress shirt and tie.


2 Responses to “Joe Norris Demonstrates Bad Etiquette (1942)”

  1. Al Markle Says:

    I was lucky enough to bowl with Joe for 2 years after he moved backi to Chicago. I have a number of great Joe Norris stories (who doesn”t if they knew him?) which I would be happy to share with you when we talk.
    Al Markle

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