“Mr. 900”—A Marvelous New Book

What do you get when one Hall-of-Famer writes a book about another Hall-of-Famer?

You get Bob Johnson’s new volume, Mr. 900: The Glenn Allison Story.

Here’s an inside account of the first perfect series bowled in a sanctioned league, and of the controversies that have surrounded it ever since.   But before Glenn Allison rolled that 900 series in 1982, he had a helluva career on the lanes, all revisited in the book.  There are stories about Nagy, Welu, Varipapa, and other giants of the Golden Age.  Plenty of great pictures, too.

So order a copy or two or three or more.  If enough books are sold, maybe Glenn Allison will finally get his very-long-overdue official recognition.

For more info, hit the link below— 


One Response to ““Mr. 900”—A Marvelous New Book”

  1. Scott Handley Says:

    Wonderful book. Gave me a new appreciation for the team era. Glenn Allison’s 900 is WAY overdue to be sanctioned and recognized as the first officially recognized 900.

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