Jimmy Certain (1976)


1 PBA title

8 Responses to “Jimmy Certain (1976)”

  1. Vince Says:

    I met him in my pro shop .

  2. drpepperforever Says:

    Jimmy was 1-9 in finals on the regular tour.

  3. Marty San Felippo Says:

    Jimmy hit rock bottom around 1984. I gave him a second chance and opened a pro shop in my center, but he was dealing drugs so i closed the pro shop. Too bad, he was an excellent ball driller.

    • Jim Tostrud Says:

      Marty haven’t seen you in years I grew up at Rose Bowl circa 1968 I’m in Scottsdale still close with many fellow bowlers from Wisconsin 20 years removed. My daughter and Jimmy’s daughter are close I find it sad you make that statement I agree Jimmy popped out great balls he did several for me and my son …..Jim Tostrud

      • Marty San Felippo Says:

        Hola Jim; Wow,what a pleasant surprise to hear from you! Did Certain drill balls for you out of my Showdown Lanes? i had heard that he passed in 1996? Yes, I felt bad about closing his pro shop. I bought all the stock and Jimmy was suppose to pay me for the merchandise as he sold it but after the first month he was selling balls,bags & shoes but not paying me. He drilled quite a few for me as well and did a great job.
        After I sold my two centers in 1996, I made the permanant move to Scottsdale until I moved to Mexico in 2008. In ’95 I went to Vegas and got my PBA card. My goal was to bowl in some PBA senior tournaments but I was too burned out from the business and actually stopped bowling in 1996 and didn’t pick up a ball again until 2008 in Mex. In 2014 I won the seniors tournament averaging 229 for 19 games. I quit bowling two years ago because the lane conditions and the equipment have made a mockery of once was a sport and now just a game. My last year in league at age 73 I averaged 221. That is not right! Could Jack Nicklaus today hit a golf ball 280 yards like he did 35 years ago? Of course not….so then why should I average 221.
        I have a saying; “When every one is good,there will be no more good bowlers!”
        You are probably wondering how can I make such a statement after putting out a good scoring condition at my two centers? Haha! That decision was based on merely one factor. Every proprietor was blocking the lanes and so to stay competitive and keep my bowlers happy I had to follow suit. It was purely a business decision!
        My home was in Troon. A beautifully manicured golf course as most are. Where is your home? Are you still bowling competitively? If so give me some details. Where are you bowling or practicing?
        Wish I knew you were in Az when I was living there! Are you working? What made you decide to move to Az?
        Would love to hear back from you.
        Marty San Felippo

  4. Kitty Smith Says:

    Is Jimmy certain still alive?

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