Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1958)

(L-R)–Carl Richard, Billy Welu, Harry Smith, Woody Hulsey, Buzz Fazio, Steve Nagy

       How many Falstaffs are palming cigars in this picture?

7 Responses to “Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1958)”

  1. Frank Schmitt Says:

    Maybe everybody except Harry Smith because we can’t see his hand.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Harry’s turning 90 next month, so maybe that’s how he takes care of his health.

      • Frank Schmitt Says:

        Him, Bluth, Salvino & Allison are about the only ones left from those days. I guess you can throw in Schroeder too & Strampe. Is Stan Gifford still alive?

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        As far as I know, Stan Gifford is alive and just turned 88. You can also add Don Ellis (at 91) to the list. I did an oral history interview with him for the bowling museum some years ago, and he’s an intelligent, interesting guy.

      • Frank Schmitt Says:

        You’re right—I forgot about him. OK, I know this is kind of an unusual segue but I was thinking this would be a great time to post some old Championship Bowling videos. People are trapped indoors for the most part & they are viewing MANY things online to pass the time. I know there are videos of matches posted by various people but the supply has slowed down drastically. I’ve watched some matches countless times & can almost remember what’s going to happen on the next ball sometimes. The HOF is closed but even when they’re open, they treat these historic matches like nobody is ever allowed to see them. And a guy in Cincinnati who calls himself King of TV Bowling put up some great matches a few years ago (Nagy vs Varipapa and some good Lou Campi stuff) and they’ve disappeared. I was thinking you might have some stuff at your disposal & could maybe contribute to bowling fans like me who grew up with that show & LOVE being able to see it again (if only we could see more!). Could you do something like that? I ask you as someone whose last name is ALMOST the same as yours. Thanks!

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        There have been a bunch of “Championship Bowling” videos on Youtube for awhile now, posted by irishpogi. Those are probably the ones you’ve been watching. Perhaps somebody who’s experienced with Youtube will read this and post some more.

  2. Frank Schmitt Says:

    Yes, those are the ones I mean but others have posted some as well. I was hoping that maybe you had some laying around that you could post but I guess that was just a stab in the dark. I hope somebody can do as you said but as nothing new has been posted in quite some time, I’m guessing there’s not a lot more out there. I wish the HOF was still in St Louis. Back then, you could rent any video they had for a fee & then return them within a certain time period. Once they went to Texas, all of that stopped. I’ve even sent them a donation of $100 in each of the past 2 years for their Frame4Frame project & all that gets me is a Thank You Letter.

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