Joe Wilman for Camels (1947)

Did Wilman ever look at the cartoon in this ad?  They’ve got him hitting both the 4 and the 9 with the ball!



3 Responses to “Joe Wilman for Camels (1947)”

  1. Charlie Roberts Says:

    Actually, it’s a makeable split but my question is: How do you leave that in the first place?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Yes, it’s make-able if you hit the 4-pin thin on the left side and slide it into the 9 and 10—not by trying to have the ball deflect from the 4-pin into the 9 and 10 the way the cartoon shows. As for how the split got there, the bowler hit the nose, left the 4-7-9-10, but a pin bounced out of the pit to take out the 7. Right?

      • Charlie Roberts Says:

        Oh, I’m sure it can be left . . . I’ve probably done it myself . . . but it is a very unusual leave. Maybe that’s why I quit smoking Camels!

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