Recreation Center—Baltimore (1926)

610 N. Howard St.

6 Responses to “Recreation Center—Baltimore (1926)”

  1. Gene Christianson Says:

    Found this building via Google StreetView. Nice architecture! It’s a storage facility these days, and it looks like a pretty happenin’ neighborhood.

  2. Steve Says:

    It looks like the sign says “96 Alleys” !!!!

    • Gene Christianson Says:

      It sure does look like it says that! I wonder … 32 on each of the upper floors? Or 24 on each of four floors?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      From what I’ve read, the Recreation Center originally had 56 duckpin alleys, so that’s probably the number in the photo. Later, they did expanded to 100 alleys. The Recreation Center was also the first establishment in what eventually became the Fair Lanes chain of tenpin and duckpin centers.

  3. Steven Says:

    Last night I saw an old article that said there were 5 floor of alleys. Tenpins on the top floor and duckpins on all the others. 20 alleys on each floor. Since there’s only 3 floors – maybe the other building with the 2 floors of windows were the other “2 floors”. And all the old articles I found said there were originally 100 alleys.

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