The Bowlium

4361 N. Sheridan Rd.

9 Responses to “The Bowlium”

  1. Larry Says:

    Loved the Bowlium! I practically lived there. Actually, it was a 2 minute walk from where I lived in the 4200 block of Sheridan Road. Although I don’t remember it looking as nice when I bowled there in the Bantam, Junior and Adult leagues in the mid-50’s through the 1960’s. Great memories. Thanks.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks for that photo. I’m almost positive the Bowlium was used in that old 1955 film “Let’s Go Bowling” I bowled there about 1960. It was one of the old “Bowling Palaces” – one of a kind! I liked it better than Marigold Arcade!

  3. drpepperforever Says:

    At least two pba tournaments were held here.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Bowlium was a special place for me. (1) I saw my first PBA tournament there–1962, Lubanski won. (2) I left a 5-7-10 there (1964).

      • Larry Brewer Says:

        I remember the PBA tournament in 1962 well. I 16 years old, lived at 4243 N. Sheridan Road and bowled in Bowlium’s Junior league at the time. They asked for volunteer scorekeepers for the tournament. Because my handwriting and printing was above average (especially for a guy) I was selected. I can’t remember which pro bowlers I scored for. I know if wasn’t Dick Weber, Ed Lubanski, Ray Bluth or other big name bowler of the time. I do remember an article in the Sun Times that talked about a 15 year old amateur who was bowling in the tournament. I believe the headline of the article was “Stars in His Eyes” or something along that line. Memories.

      • drpepperforever Says:

        5-7-10! 🙂

      • drpepperforever Says:

        In a sample of 447,000 pba frames, the 5-7-10 was left less than 25 times. (I wish this was more specific. Was it 24, or never.)

      • drpepperforever Says:

        Larry, I have worked as a volunteer score keeper, also, although the lanes had automatic scoring. Basically, when the bowlers switched lanes, we have to type in there names. Then I remained at the scorers table, in case there had to be an edit. For example, a bowler threw the ball in the gutter while shooting at a ten pin. It bounced out, and hit the ten pin.

        I saw it, but wanted verification. I looked at Phil Ware, and he gave a little nod of the head.

        Volunteering was a great experience.

      • drpepperforever Says:

        Their, not there, above. 😦

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