Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1957)

Buzz Fazio, Steve Nagy, Carl Richard, Harry Smith, Billy Welu

5 Responses to “Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1957)”

  1. Bob Schumacher Says:

    I remember Fazio, Nagy, and Carl Richard. They were all featured on the different Fred Wolfe bowling series’ that popped up frequently on TV in the early-to-mid 50’s. Fazio was a showman as was Nagy; Richard just a good player.

    Harry Smith was there too, but I recall him mostly from a few of my forays on the tour in the 70’s. I was a young single guy and always had a Corvette of one vintage or another. He continually pestered me for a ride in the ‘Vette, so one afternoon in. I believe, Houston we found some open road outside of the city and I punched it up to 120-130 and I glanced over and Harry was curled up in a ball in the passenger seat with his hands over his eyes. We shared a few meals together; he was a nice guy.

    Now there a few stories associated with Billy Welu, one of which you might recall. In the summer of ’57 the AMF travelling instruction team, headed by Frank Clause, made a stop at 20th Century. Welu was a part of the group. My Dad had signed me up, and as it turned out I was assigned one of the pairs where Welu was the instructor. I was a beginning player then, and I can’t recall exactly what we talked about, but he did slow me down a bit, which was a help.

    That’s the happy story. The sad story revolves around brother Jim and me in 1972, before we were in the pro shop business, dropping into Futurama Bowl in San Jose, CA to roll a few lines. I went into the bar to buy a couple beers and there was Billy Welu sitting at a table draped all over a woman who had to be 65-75. I started to say “Hello” to him but didn’t when I could see he was in no condition to talk. It was sad, very sad. I think he died a few years later from a heart attack. Too bad.

    • ramac Says:

      I remember bowling at Futurama league and weekend tournaments (King of the Hill, PCBA, etc.) You and brother Jim were really missed after you both left.

  2. Frank Schmitt Says:

    Carl Richard was never on Championship Bowling (I have a listing of all the matches). He did appear a couple of times on Top Star Bowling with Jack Buck.

  3. Bob Schumacher Says:

    Hi Frank. I recall seeing him on TV; we in Chicago were lucky to receive most of the shows. My apologies if it wasn’t Championship Bowling.

    • Frank Schmitt Says:

      Here in NYC, we never got Top Star Bowling but we did get Championship Bowling & I seem to remember Bowling Time also.

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