Joe Kristof Bowls in a Store Window (1956)


“Big League Bowling”  Chicago TV show, broadcast from the Polk Brothers Appliance Store  (8500 S. Cottage Grove Ave.) 

Note the people on the street watching the show through the windows—no spectators were allowed inside the store after regular business hours! 


2 Responses to “Joe Kristof Bowls in a Store Window (1956)”

  1. Bob Schumacher Says:

    You know, I vaguely remember that gimmick. I do recall that sometime in the mid-to-late 50’s that Polk Brothers sponsored bowling on TV, but I don’t recall if it was men’s or women’s matches. But I do remember that there was a Polk Brothers at six corners on the northwest side along with Garden City Bowl, and across the street a bowling pro shop where Buddy Bomar drilled my first bowling ball.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The NW Side Polk Brothers store was actually on Central Avenue near Diversey. The store at Six Corners, across from Bomar’s, was originally a branch of the Twelfth Street Store, and has gone thru a number of owners in the last 60 years. And although I bought several bowling balls from that Bomar store, I actually got my first ball from a store called Paul Fechtmeyer’s Sporting Show, on Milwaukee Avenue south of Irving Park.

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