A Fine New Bowling Book—“Striking Words”

We’ve been blessed with a number of wonderful bowling books during the past couple of years.  First there was Grasso & Hartman’s Historical Dictionary of Bowling.  Then came Manzione’s Pin Action.  Now we have Striking Words, a bowling glossary by Walt McIntosh.Striking Words-a

Time was when every book on bowling had a glossary of bowling terms.  The pages were tacked on in the back and seemed like an afterthought.  I suspect that these glossaries were simply a way to make some puny book a bit longer, and justify whatever selling price the publisher had decided upon.  Often the terms were copied nearly verbatim from some earlier book.

Comparing these glossaries to Striking Words is like comparing a junior-high essay to a doctoral dissertation.  McIntosh has done a tremendous amount of research.  The book checks in at 478 pages with 2400 entries; these range in length from a few words to a few pages.  There is also one of the most detailed bibliographies I’ve encountered.  Topping it off are more than 700 illustrations by Diane B. Hanson.

I highly recommend Striking Words for anyone interested in bowling—or, for that matter, anyone interested in etymology.  Check out the website, http://www.strikingwords.com




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