University Lanes—Toledo (1957)

University Lanes--Toledo (1957)

2567 W. Bancroft St. 

Site of the 1959 “Championship Bowling” TV Tournament


3 Responses to “University Lanes—Toledo (1957)”

  1. Frank Schmitt Says:

    Ned Day defeated Glenn Allison in the Finals. That was the first year they went away from the King Of The Hill format & was a single elimination tournament.

  2. Michael J. Safran Says:

    I was an all around employee here from about 1993-1996. Fun place with an
    interesting mix and plenty of characters. Rock, R&B, jazz and more some nights
    on the speakers after league play, and a disco ball for a rock n bowl effect.
    The lounge became the volleybar with sand courts outside and deck for a beach
    feel. It eventually all closed in 2004 I think and became a concert venue for a
    little bit. The place had it’s own energy going back to the 1950’s in an interesting location by a University, Ottawa Park, and a small river. Lots of funny stories and
    people I’m still inspired by at times, and I was just a small part of it’s history.

  3. Marty Miller Says:

    My grandfather, Carl Miller, rolled the first perfect game at University Lanes. My family still has the large trophy presented to him.

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