World Classic Tournament 1922

This tournament, the first national individual match-game event, was created by Louis Petersen in 1922.  The purpose was to determine an official match-game champion.  An invited field of 24 bowlers rolled 115 games on four specially-built lanes in the Chicago Coliseum.  The tournament winner was decided on the basis of Petersen Points.  But to be recognized as the match-game champion, the tournament winner would then have to defeat the 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-place finishers in separate 60 game matches.  If he lost any of these matches, the title would remain vacant.  After winning the Classic, Blouin later defeated Wolf, Lindsey, and Smith to gain recognition as the first official match-game champion.





4 Responses to “World Classic Tournament 1922”

  1. Barry Asher Says:

    How long did it take to bowl 295 games on 4 lanes? Incredible!

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    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The tournament itself went 16 days on the 4 lanes in the Coliseum, so there was plenty of time for each of the 24 bowlers to get in their 115 games. Those three 60-game roll-offs that Blouin had to bowl were later in the year, spaced about a month apart, so that the publicity would add to ticket sales. They were held at Randolph Recreation, a commercial house in downtown Chicago.

  2. Barry Asher Says:

    And nobody from Detroit

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