Freddie Fitzsimmons Lanes—Brooklyn (1943)

Freddie Fitzsimmons Bowling Lanes--Brooklyn (1947) - Copy

120 Empire Blvd.


5 Responses to “Freddie Fitzsimmons Lanes—Brooklyn (1943)”

  1. Mike DeFelice Says:

    I have a License Plate Topper from the Lanes

  2. Bruce Streger Says:

    Remember it well. Lived on Sterling St off of Nostrand.

  3. Steve Ferenc Says:

    My friends and I would go bowling at Freddie Fitzsimmons every Saturday afternoon in the fifties I recall the pinboys vividly..By the way Bruce Streger it was Sterling Place. I lived there too between Utica and Rochester avenues. Ebbets Field (home of the Dodgers) was right down the street from the bowling alley. No better place on the world to have grown up in!

    • Steven Ferenc Says:

      My Dad who was not a bowler took us all there on occasion. All my friends thought he had super strength because he rolled the ball so hard that it would go directly into the gutter and then bounce back out onto the lane always knocking down pins. Sometimes the ball would wind up on the lane next to ours.

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