George Young (1958)



Bowling Hall of Fame, 1959

#81 Bowler of the 20th Century

All-American, 1945-46, 1948-49

Match Game Doubles champion, 1947, 1955

6 ABC championships (1949-TAE, 1952-T, 1953-T, 1953-TAE, 1955-T, 1955-TAE)


8 Responses to “George Young (1958)”

  1. Frank Schmitt Says:

    He died quite young. What happened to him?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Cancer. When it was known that he was dying, Detroit bowlers held a testimonial for him. He was much loved, and people were in tears.

  2. Frank Schmitt Says:

    That’s very sad. I wish there was some existing video of him online.somewhere. He never appeared on Championship Bowling but I’m sure he was on other shows.

  3. Frank Schmitt Says:

    I found a video from the 1953 ABC Tournament on YouTube but it was the Stroh’s team. They showed Fazio, Hennessey, Lubanski, Lindemann & Jouglard each rolling one ball.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Pfeiffers won the Team event in 1953, and they’re on the original short film titled The 1953 ABC Tournament. Don Carter bowled with the Pfeiffers that year, and his clip shows him doing some extreme body english, the kind you never associate with Carter. Besides that video, Young is also on the 1952 ABC video—and he even rolls a couple of trick shots! Now that USBC is digitalizing its film collection, perhaps these films will once again be available. They’re wonderful viewing for anyone interested in bowling’s history.

  4. amanda Says:

    He’s my great grandpa!

    • Suzanne Brown Says:

      George Young is my Grandpa. He is your Great Grandpa, Amanda….LoloLove Aunt Sue😘

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