Don Scott (1966)

Scott, Don (1966)


Cleveland Bowling Star


3 Responses to “Don Scott (1966)”

  1. Frank Schmitt Says:

    His match versus George Howard on Championship Bowling is now posted to YouTube. He also bowled Carmen Salvino in that same series but it hasn’t been posted yet.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      All the “Championship Bowling” shows are fun to watch. I saw both of Don Scott’s 1964 matches via the Bowling Museum’s VHS tapes years ago, and I trust they’ll be digitalizing them soon. When I interviewed Don for a BJI article, he told me that he was also on the 1966 color show. However, I don’t know if the Museum has those.

  2. Frank Schmitt Says:

    The color show was when they “jumped the shark” and had a ridiculous new format. There’s a match posted in 2 parts with Ray Bluth, Fred Lening, Buzz Fazio & Don Glover. Bud Palmer was the announcer along with Bill Bunetta doing color and I saw a guy sitting next to Palmer that looked like Don Scott. He may have been doing stats. Since they were still at the Firestone Bowlarama in Akron & Scott was from nearby Cleveland, I figured it was Scott.

    There are matches being posted by a guy who calls himself “Irishpogi.” He got those matches from a friend of mine who bought them on CD from the Museum at $10 a disc. However, they didn’t offer my friend a full slate of the 300+ matches that were filmed so who knows what they still have? What he did get looked to be upgraded in quality.

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