Masters Tournament 1965

The fifteen ABC Masters returned to its 1951 birthplace, the Municipal Auditorium in St. Paul, on May 22-26, 1965.  A field of 480 men competed.  Billy Welu became the second champion to successfully defend his title by surviving the losers bracket, then defeating tournament leader Don Ellis twice—first 778-735, then 832-782.  Four of the top eight finalists actually out-averaged Welu, illustrating the vagaries of the double-elimination match-game format.


Top eight finalists

NAME                                                 W-L       Average     Prize

1—Billy Welu, St. Louis                         9-1        202-12     $4450

2—Don Ellis Houston                             6-2       197-24

3—Dale Seavoy, Detroit                        5-2        210-25

4—Carl Winfield, Los Angeles                 5-2        207-19

5—Dick Weber, St. Louis                       7-2        208-27

6—Jerry Dutler, Mankato, MN                7-2        198-39

7—Harry Smith, Baltimore                     5-2        213-23

8—Mike Fessler, Pasadena                     4-3        197-15



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