Striker Lanes (Euclid Bowl)

Striker Lanes (Euclid Bowl)

6728 W. 16th St. (Berwyn)

Still in business!






4 Responses to “Striker Lanes (Euclid Bowl)”

  1. Steve Wojtynek Says:

    Oldest Bowling Alley Memory… Seeing Marion Ledewig demonstration with my Mom at original 20th Century Recreation on Cicero Avenue… about 1956. Would love an image of that interior!

    If they ever wanted a movie set for a bowling movie like “The Hustler” was for billiards, that would have been the place. I was about 10 years old when I heard the place burned to the ground due to “spontaneous combustion” (rags soaked in old lane conditioner probably). 1961, I think.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      20th Century was actually the first place I ever bowled, one game when I was six in 1954. In college I used to play billiards there (poorly) in the late 1960s. An old-time hustler known as Milwaukee Phil used to hang out there then.

      • Steve Wojtynek Says:

        J.R… I see your photo credit on most of the images here. Thanks for the memories! I’ve probably bowled at about half of those locations. If you ever find images of the old 20th Century, please post or send. I seem to remember a fantastic sepia-toned Diego Rivera-like mural over the pinsetters and on the side walls, the oak slat curved benches (that I used to slide along), the pool tables, and the lunch counter. (I used to like Green River soda back then. I think I read someone is still making it!)

  2. JACK NOETH Says:


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