Sully Bates (1937)

Bates, Sully (1937)


Popularized three-hole bowling ball with his Bates Grip.



4 Responses to “Sully Bates (1937)”

  1. Ted Says:

    Does anyone remember K & R Recreation a bowling alley/tavern on west Division St. In the 1940’s? My father was part owner and I am trying to piece together some long lost family history.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      All I have is a 1959 phone book listing–K & R Recreation, 4341 W Division St, CApitol 7-1530.

  2. Ted Says:

    Thanks for that bit of information since I was not sure of the exact address. And great to know the phone number. My sister who stills lives in the Chicago area remembers that the first league team to sign up after the bowling alley opened up in the 1940’s was Motorola which was then a small company in the area.

  3. Ted Says:

    And there was also a beer garden there that later opened up.

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