Sheridan Recreation—Chicago

104--Sheridan Recreation

1002 W. Wilson Ave. 



2 Responses to “Sheridan Recreation—Chicago”

  1. Larry Brewer Says:

    The first bowling alley I ever bowled at — Sheridan Road & Wilson Ave. It had to be around 1951. My older brother 14 years old, my other brother 7 or 8 and me, I was 5+. I still remember they had kids spotting the pins. I also remember that I bowled a 6! My middle brother threw 24 gutters tying the record for lowest game ever, but I don’t remember what my older brother bowled. I’m sad to say that my older brother just passed away this past Wednesday in Des Plaines.

    A few years later (1954 or so) I started bowling in the Bantam League at the Bowlium (Montrose & Sheridan). I bowled there until about 1971 or 1972. I’m still bowling and averaging over 200 (thanks to the greatly improved equipment & conditions), but up in the greater Milwaukee area. Thanks for the memories.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I never bowled at Sheridan Recreation. However, Buddy Bomar and his teammates used to practice there for a few days before every All-Star Tournament. Joe Kristof told me the story, saying that the lane conditions at Sheridan were nearly the same as the tournament lanes–and management let the guys practice there for free.

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