Kenny Barber (1963)

Barber, Kenny (1963)


Legendary New York Action Bowler



4 Responses to “Kenny Barber (1963)”

  1. michael bonus Says:

    I’m reading ” Pin Action” by Gianmarc Manzione. It tells about Kenny Barber while laying out the story of Ernie Schlegel. This book could have almost been written about Chicago.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      You could probably say the same thing about Detroit, St. Louis, and a few other places, too. Since New York is the biggest city, it had the most action.

      • michael bonus Says:

        Very true, but to have either watched/bet or played in some of action in the Chicago area, it really hits home.

  2. monica barber Says:

    Kenny Barber is my father and the greatest man I’ll ever know

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