Berry’s Bowling Auditorium—Erie (1947)

Berry's Auditorium (Erie)

1026 French St.


2 Responses to “Berry’s Bowling Auditorium—Erie (1947)”

  1. Dave Nichols Says:

    Berry’s was awesome — it appears to have been built inside a theater. Behind the tall curtain was a stage. Balcony seating in back and along the sides. My parents bowled there in the late 1930s when they were in high school. I discovered it around 1960, still in business. They made the conversion from basic pin boys to manual pinsetters with pin boys operating and finally automatic pinsetters. As I remember, Berry’s used an off brand of machine, maybe BowlMor. As a teen, I was a good bowler but never could roll high scores at Berry’s. The lanes were usually well oiled. As far as I can remember, the facility closed around 1963. It was a classic, though, right to the end. When I bowled there, the tall curtain behind the pinsetters was a deep purple — really regal.

  2. Dave Nichols Says:

    Berry’s was a semi-spectacular bowling house in downtown Erie starting in the mid-1930s. My parents bowled there in high school. It was a true auditorium with upstairs balcony. Behind the pinsetters and curtain, there was a stage. When I discovered the place in 1960 it was still active and the huge curtain behind the pin setting machines was a deep purple. It was a 16 lane establishment, possibly 14. It closed around 1962, falling victim to new bowling centers in the suburbs and a new 40 lane house 8 blocks away in urban renewal.

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