“Pin Action”–Another Great New Bowling Book

Pin Action

Bowling literature is enjoying an embarrassment of riches.  In August I told you about a marvelous reference book, the Historical Dictionary of Bowling.  Now we have another great bowling book of a different type–Gianmarc Manzione’s Pin Action.

The book follows the career of the one-and-only Ernie Schlegel, from his “teenage hustler” beginnings, through his glory days on the PBA Tour, and on to today.  The early chapters on the New York action scene of the 1960s are particularly vivid.  Here is gritty story-telling at its finest.

Pin Action is published by Pegasus Books.  It’s available from the usual sources, or you can check out the publisher’s website–


This is the book you want to take with you on your next bowling road trip, to get you into the mood.  I could tell you more about Pin Action, but I’d rather go back to reading it through a second time.  Go buy your own copy!



2 Responses to ““Pin Action”–Another Great New Bowling Book”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Friday nights at Waveland Bowl around midnight, mid 1970’s you could always find a pot game.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Same thing at Habetler’s and a lot of other places in the late ’60s. Fortunately, I learned quick enough when I was outclassed.

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