Habetler Bowl

Habetler Bowl

5250 N. Northwest Hwy.

Still in business!



3 Responses to “Habetler Bowl”

  1. Alan J.Sklenar Says:

    I grew up in what is called Little Village neighborhood.We had West End Lanes in the 3400 block of west 26th st.Burned down about 71 or 72.Then was Prima Bowl at 2501 S.Kedzie.In Berwyn there National Lanes at Cermak Rd and Home Av.Is it Striker Lanes ar 16th and Euclid.Almost forgot many many years ago the was a two lane alley at 27th and St.Louis Av, where the laundromat is.

  2. Allan Says:

    Man, is this blog so amazing! Used to bowl at Irving Park Lanes(RIP, since 2013), Howard Bowl(RIP sometime in the 1990s, for the Gateway Center development in Rogers Park), and Miami Bowl(mostly for tournaments, RIP to whenever it closed in the 2000s) years ago. Also have bowled a few times at Sy’s Lanes in Lincolnwood(RIP sometime in the mid-2000s), and Mont Clare Lanes(still open!). And I still remember how a lot of the former bowling alleys looked like on their exterior, that are now gone(i.e. Turner Bowl, Marigold, and the exterior sign of whatever the bowling alley was on Belmont west of Ashland, that was renovated into condos).

    So many entries in this blog I’ve yet to read, and I can’t wait to catch up later. An old school bowling alley you’d love seeing in case you’ve never made it out there, is to Metro Bowl in Crystal Lake. Still has a working neon sign, and a classic interior to this day! Circle Bowl in Forest Park is still operating to this day(also w/working neon sign), as well.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I’m glad you like the pictures. I believe the place you’re thinking of on Belmont Avenue is Belmont Bowl.

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