The Playdium—Albany, NY (1940)

Playdium (Albany, NY)

363 Ontario St.

4 Responses to “The Playdium—Albany, NY (1940)”

  1. Bill Says:

    very interesting view of the ball returns – for alleys 2 and 3, you would have to go across the other bowlers approach to get your bowling ball… was this the common method of ball returns during the days of pinboys at the larger bowling facilities?

  2. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    Often pinboys would have to work both alleys of a pair. Since they had to hop back and forth between the two alleys in the pit, a ball return in the middle of the pair would get in the way. Therefore, in the old days, the ball return would be on either the left or right side of each pair.

  3. albanymuskrat Says:

    It’s about to be demolished for apartments.

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