200 Average Bowlers, 1952-53 (#1)

In 1953, when scores were lower, the American Bowling Congress published the names of all members who’d averaged 200 or better in the recent season. Here’s the first part of the list. [To enlarge, click on it once or twice.]


2 Responses to “200 Average Bowlers, 1952-53 (#1)”

  1. Jim Phillips Says:

    Thats pretty good.Very few over 210 but a couple averaged 228. Incredible. Did they put out a list of award scores back then as well?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I’ll quote some stats to show how scoring was much more difficult in the past. ABC had 1,569,000 league bowlers during the 1952-53 season–more bowlers than they have now. That same season, there were only 198 perfect games IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. An 800 series was so rare that the ABC’s annual yearbook gave the name of every bowler who had ever rolled an 800 series. You can see how ABC could afford to give out gold rings then!

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