Jim Chestney (1969)

Chestney, Jim (1969)

(1947-  )

Masters champion, 1969

One Response to “Jim Chestney (1969)”

  1. Thomas Cahill Says:

    I have befriended a 72 year old Jim Chestney pictured above. What a delightful man with grand stories of his successful bowling career as a young man. So young, some of the older bowlers on the bowling tours didn’t care for him much. Not because he was rude, he was very kind, but because he was so young. 20 years old when he won his first PBA tournament. Just his 3rd year in the PBA. He placed 8th in a championship match with seasoned pro’s at 16 years old. He needed a note from his father to participate.
    His big smile and his welcoming silly humor is inviting and he is well liked in the community we live in in the Denver area. I am blessed that Jim calls me his friend.

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