1962 ABC Tournament Program

1962 ABC Program


TEAM–Strike ‘N’ Spare Lanes (Northbrook, IL)–3128 

DOUBLES–John Gribin-Gary Madison (Riverside, CA)–1376 

SINGLES–Andrew Renaldy (Youngstown)–720 

ALL EVENTS–Billy Young (Tulsa)–2015 

CLASSIC TEAM–Don Carter Bowling Gloves (St. Louis)–6248 

CLASSIC DOUBLES–Glenn Allison-Dick Hoover (St. Louis)-1431

CLASSIC SINGLES–Bob Poole (Pueblo, CO)–759 

CLASSIC ALL EVENTS–Jack Winters (Philadelphia)–2147 

TEAM ALL EVENTS–Jones Dairy (Kingston, NY)–9155


2 Responses to “1962 ABC Tournament Program”

  1. Michael Bonus Says:

    isn’t the classic team event total a little high ? 6248 ?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Classic Division teams bowled six games over two nights.That gave ABC officials a chance to sell twice as many spectator tickets. And though Classic Division competitors bowled twelve games, only nine games were counted for the Classic All Events.

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