1961 ABC Tournament Program

1961 ABC Program


TEAM–Meyerland Builders (Houston)–3134

DOUBLES–Joe Macaluso-Gene Hering (Irvington, NJ)–1342

SINGLES–Lyle Spooner (St. Cloud, MN)–726

ALL EVENTS–Luke Karan (Detroit)–1960

CLASSIC TEAM–Brentwood Bowl (San Francisco)–5983

CLASSIC DOUBLES–Don Ellis-Joe Kristof (Chicago)–1331

CLASSIC SINGLES–Earl Johnson (Chicago)–733

CLASSIC ALL EVENTS–Bob Brayman (Detroit)–1963

TEAM ALL EVENTS–Adjust-A-Grip (Toledo)–9062



13 Responses to “1961 ABC Tournament Program”

  1. tim brayman Says:

    Hi. Is this program for sale? My dad is Bob Brayman. I’m collecting anything-including archived newspaper articles-that I can find on him. Thanks

  2. Tim Brayman Says:

    J.R., Thanks for your reply. I just now saw that you responded. I thought that if I received any response at all, it would come through Email (for some reason). I guess I’m not very techno savvy when it comes to computers. Please keep me in mind if you change your mind. Thanks Tim

  3. Tim Brayman Says:

    One more question, if you don’t mind. Is this the trophy that he would have won, or is this perhaps the team all-events trophy? Again, thanks

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Classic Division–for pros and better bowlers–was inaugurated in 1961. The new trophy is for the Classic Team champions, tho your dad would probably have gotten one of similar design.

  4. Tim Brayman Says:

    Thank-you JR for your feedback. Thanks for the bowling reminisce. I have one memory of my dad bowling at Detroit’s Cobo Hall; the fedora hats and cigars. That’s it, that’s all I remember. Nothing about the bowling. LOL. God bless you, and thanks for your bowling page, it’s fun to look at the vintage ‘stuff’. Tim

  5. Dick Wagner Says:

    That 1961 Classic Team trophy used to sit in the window by the
    entrance to Brentwood Bowl in So San Francisco..The place is still
    there but I don’t know about the trophy.

    • Tim Brayman Says:

      Thank you Dick. Just now saw your comment. That’s awesome!

    • Tim Brayman Says:

      Hi Dick. The information you gave me is awesome! (about the 1961 ABC Classic team trophy). I contacted Brentwood Bowl and sure enough, the trophy is still in their showcase. It is now the inherited property of the daughter of one of that year’s championship team members. The lady working (Claudia) sent me several pictures of the trophy. That was incredible! Thank-you for being so kind. Tim

  6. Tim Brayman Says:

    Hey Dr. Jake. This is Tim Brayman. I have been looking steadily for a copy of the 58th annual ABC from Detroit. It seems you have the only one anywhere! I know you said that you can’t sell it – but would it be possible for you to copy the information on my dad ( Bobby Brayman) and send it to my computer? I recently purchased a Minneapolis St Paul Skippers bowling program (from the 1961-62 NBL – he bowled on that team also). It even has “box scores” from that night (hand-penciled scoring). Skippers vs. the Broncos – with Carmen Salvino and Bob Strampe bowling that evening. Also has photos of the Skippers and a paragraph of their achievements. Also-signed on the cover by Strampe Johnson and 2 others. I could send to your computer a page – or even several – in exchange for your generosity. Thanks Tim B

  7. Tim Brayman Says:

    J.R. I am taking one last shot at this. I would like to purchase the 1961 58th ABC tournament program (March issue of Bowling Magazine). I know this is your only one, but I have not been able to locate this magazine anywhere. Price is no consideration. Please at least contact me. Thanks Tim Brayman

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:


      I’m sorry. I have all twelve 1961 issues bound together in one volume, so it’s not possible to sell any one issue.

      • Tim Brayman Says:

        Thanks For Your Response J.R. If You Ever Change Your Mind — Or Decide That You Could Part With The Entire Volume — Please Keep Me In Mind. Thank-You Sir. Tim B

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