1958 ABC Tournament Program

1958 ABC Program


TEAM–Falstaff Beer (St. Louis)–3210

DOUBLES–Bill Tucker-Jim Vrenick (St. Louis)–1414

SINGLES–Ed Shay (Chester, PA)–733

ALL EVENTS–Lindy Faragalli (Paterson)–2043

TEAM ALL EVENTS–Falstaff Beer (St. Louis)–9608 


2 Responses to “1958 ABC Tournament Program”

  1. Richard Fuller Says:

    I bowled along with my St. John’s team mates in this ABC tournament in 1958. Team, Doubles and All Events and had a great time. Unforgettable. So happy to see this old official program on your site. I still have my now vintage 1957 Brunswick Black Beauty ball. Went bowling with this ball a couple of weeks ago and it felt good. Been such a long time since I bowled. Hope to get back in the arm swing of things soon. Looking for new shoes and a good bag. Times sure have changed. Love Bowling. Hope I can keep up. Need practice. Always looking for correspondence and good bowling tips. Let’s Go Bowling !! Rich Fuller 🙂 VA USA

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Thanks for your email. I had an old white Brunswick Pro Model that I used for spares into the 2000s. But it was 16-pounds, and I had to give it up when I went to 15-pound balls. Keep going!

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