A Joe Wilman Bibliography

Joe Wilman (1905-1969) was ranked #13 among 20th Century bowlers in the 1999 Bowlers Journal poll. He was elected to the bowling Hall of Fame in 1951, the first man chosen after the 11 charter members. Wilman was a six-time All-American.  Fresh out of the World War II army, he posted one of the greatest-ever seasons by a bowler in 1945-46, winning both the All-Star Tournament and the ABC All Events championship.  He remained a top-level competitor until a heart attack felled him at the 1958 ABC Tournament.  Thereafter he confined himself to instructing.  When Wilman died in 1969, his favorite bowling ball was cremated along with him. 


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“Joe Wilman Shows You How to Bowl Your Best.” (LP record, 1961)




3 Responses to “A Joe Wilman Bibliography”

  1. gunner Says:

    Where did you get the story about Wilman being cremated with his ball? I never heard that.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Bruce Pluckhahn related the story to me. He went to the wake, and Wilman’s widow told him that the bowling ball was in the casket with Joe, and would be going with him on his final journey. If I did that these days, I guess they’d have to put in my spare ball, too.

  2. Bob Says:

    I just found an autographed copy of the Joe Wilman LP Record. It is in excellent condition. Looks like it has never been played.

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