100 Top Bowlers of the 20th Century

In December 1999 Bowlers Journal International presented its list of the 20th Century’s top 100 bowlers.  The rankings were determined by a special committee of experts.  Mort Luby Jr. and Jim Dressel represented BJI.  They were joined by Joe Norris, Dick Weber, Shirley Garms, Tom Kouros, Bruce Pluckhahn, and me.

(L-R)--Dick Weber, J.R. Schmidt, Shirley Garms, Tom Kouros, Joe Norris, Bruce Pluckhahn

(L-R)–Dick Weber, J.R. Schmidt, Shirley Garms, Tom Kouros, Joe Norris, Bruce Pluckhahn

The rankings cover a bowler’s performance during the 20th Century only.  If the years of the current century were included, Walter Ray and some others would doubtless move up on the list.

1—Don Carter   2—Dick Weber  3—Earl Anthony  4—Hank Marino  5—Ned Day  6—Andy Varipapa  7—Marion Ladewig  8—Walter Ray Williams  9—Mark Roth  10—Joe Norris  11—Mike Aulby  12—Junie McMahon  13—Joe Wilman  14—Jimmy Smith  15—Bill Lillard  16—Pete Weber  17—Jimmy Blouin  18—Buddy Bomar  19—Billy Hardwick  20—Don Johnson  21—Marshall Holman  22—Billy Welu  23—Steve Nagy  24—Ed Lubanski  25—Floretta McCutcheon  26—Count Gengler  27—Joe Falcaro  28—Ray Bluth  29—Amleto Monacelli 30—Shirley Garms  31—Buzz Fazio  32—Nelson Burton Jr.  33—Adolph Carlson  34—Carmen Salvino  35—Charley Daw  36—Dave Davis  37—Harry Smith  38—Glenn Allison  39—Parker Bohn III  40—Tom Hennessey  41—Johnny Petraglia  42—Therm Gibson  43—Dick Ritger  44—Paul Krumske  45—Jim Stefanich  46—Brian Voss  47—Norm Duke  48—Bob Strampe  49—Johnny Crimmins  50—Betty Morris  51—Lisa Wagner  52—Lou Campi  53—Joe Joseph  54—Sylvia Wene Martin  55—Mort Lindsey  56—Paeng Nepomuceno  57—Dick Hoover  58—Dave Soutar  59—Donna Adamek  60—Billy Golembiewski  61—Mike Durbin  62—Connie Schwoegler  63—Carol Gianotti-Block  64—Sarge Easter  65—Phil Wolf  66—Jim St. John  67—Aleta Sill  68—Frank Benkovic  69—Steve Cook  70—George Pappas  71—Wayne Webb  72—Nelson Burton Sr.  73—Don McCune  74—Shinobu Saito  75—Dotty Fothergill  76—Mike McGrath  77—Judy Soutar  78—Fred Bujack  79—Lindy Faragalli  80—W.V. Thompson  81—George Young  82—Millie Ignizio  83—Wayne Zahn  84—Lee Jouglard  85—Patty Costello  86—Billy Knox  87—Les Zikes  88—Joe Bodis  89—Marie Warmbier  90—Walter Ward  91—Kayoko Suda  92—Del Ballard  93—David Ozio  94—Bill Rhodman  95—Teata Semiz  96—Bill Bunetta  97—Jim Godman  98—Harry Lippe  99—Tish Johnson  100—Dorothy Miller

7 Responses to “100 Top Bowlers of the 20th Century”

  1. Carol Anne Says:

    You look better with the beard.

  2. John Grasso Says:

    Thanks for including the entire list. I’ll make use of it in the Historical Dictionary of Bowling that I’m currently working on with Eric Hartman.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      No problem! Your project sounds interesting. Let me know if there’s any way I can further help you.

    • drpepperforever Says:

      I need to get this book.

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        Anybody interested in bowling history should get “The Historical Dictionary of Bowling.” It’s a marvelous one-volume reference book.

  3. drpepperforever Says:

    Since almost half of the judges ended up on the list, how was this handled? Why isn’t J. R. Schmidt number one? jk

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