Skee Foremsky (1968)


(1936-  )

1 ABC championship (1971-CT)

6 PBA titles


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    Greetings Dr. Jake; I have followed the PBA tour since its inception on television. It would be interesting now that I am in my early 70’s to know the bowlers who are no longer with us. I just checked on Shee Foremsky and there is no information available on the internet. I gave Jimmy Certain an opportunity to open a pro shop in one of my centers but due to some of his bad addictions, I was forced to pull the plug… pun intended!
    Is Certain still alive.
    Would appreciate any infor you could give to us curious readers.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Hi Marty–The PBA has some records on past members, but not anything comprehensive. I tried to track down Johnny King for years with no luck, until I finally found him in the federal government’s Social Security Death Index, under his formal name—Howard King. That being said, there’s no listing in the index for James Certain, so he could still be alive. Fred Alexander Foremsky had only a birthdate in the “Historical Dictionary of Bowling” (2014), and he’s still not in the SSDI, so he’s probably alive, too. In any case, perhaps someone will read this and let us know if either or both men are still with us. Years ago I mentioned that I was looking for Don Scott, the first black bowler to appear on “Championship Bowling.” One of my readers put me in touch with Don, and I wound up writing an article about him before he passed on. So who knows what may happen?

      • drpepperforever Says:

        According to a 2007 post on, made by mrbowling300 himself, he claims he knows Certain is deceased, but can’t provide a date.

      • drpepperforever Says:

        On the same forum, irishpogi, in a 6/24/2018 post, states that Certain died in 1996, and was 57 years old.

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        Thanks for bringing this up—I’d forgotten about this thread. Irishpogi is correct. Jimmy Certain died of cancer in 1996, at the age of 57. (Boston Globe, July 14, 1996:65).

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