Madison-Kedzie Recreation (Albany Sports Center)

Albany Sports Center

3125 W. Madison St.

3 Responses to “Madison-Kedzie Recreation (Albany Sports Center)”

  1. Neal Bader Says:


    I am looking for information and photos of The North End Bowling Club 244 W Willow in Chicago. The building has been The Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls since 1950 but it is still the original 2 lane bowling alley structure built in 1891.
    Any photos would be appreciated.

  2. Emma Voberry Says:

    This is beautiful. I love your writing about bowling. You make it into “the beautiful game.” My grandfather, George Bernero, a California teamster, came to Chicago with his little girl (now elderly) in about 1929. I believe he was working as a “pinboy” here when he died in 1931. My mother’s life was much changed after that. We don’t have much at all of him, don’t know where he stayed or the people he stayed with but now I will show her where he worked (she does remember being at his job). I also am going to Amazon for your book. It’s good you care to write about the past because for many of us, for many different reasons, it still matters.

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