Clean-O-Matic (1968)

Clean-O-Matic (1968)


3 Responses to “Clean-O-Matic (1968)”

  1. jcantelm Says:

    Dr. Jake – I love your blog! This is such a great and interesting collection of rare imagery.

    I’ve been wrestling with a question and I was wondering if perhaps you might know the answer. I’m working on a set design for a 1970s bowling alley, and I’m trying to establish when automatic scorers began to be hung from the ceiling on TV sets. Do you happen to know this, or are there any books or other resources that you would recommend to find the answer? So far I’ve learned that this was invented in 1978:
    but I would love to know when the CRT screens started hanging from the ceiling.

    Thanks regardless and keep up the good work!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Before automatic scorers, many bowling alleys had telescores, as pictured in this post. With a telescore, you marked the score using a special pencil on a transparent sheet, and the score was projected onto a screen hung above the foul-line. Telescores went back to at least the mid-1950s, and probably before. Bottom line–when automatic scorers came in about 1978, many bowling alleys were already projecting scores above the lanes; they just substituted a different technology.

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