Gabby Hartnett Recreation (Sy’s Bowl)

Gabby Hartnett Recreation

6670 N. Lincoln Ave. (Lincolnwood)

11 Responses to “Gabby Hartnett Recreation (Sy’s Bowl)”

  1. Kevin Hong Says:

    Dr. Jake, I am enjoying your site. Have linked to you from the FB page for the Vanishing Alleys Project. (

    How many of these centers are still around that have the “vintage” look? Might be time for a road trip to Chicago!

    Best, Kevin

  2. Ralph Says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the pro shop (inside of Gabby Hartnett) and what his name was? This would be around 1990.

  3. joe action Says:

    Torn down in 2010….now a bank building at the site. The last 4 lanes were separated by a wall…..were some good action matches there in the late 70’s and 80’s when my friend, Rob N., was the overnight custodian. we had free reign of the place….and bowled for free! There was a shooting range in the basement.

  4. Steve Miller Says:

    I rememer Don Bart had the pro shop in the 1988-1990 time frame. Pretty sure it “Don Bart’s Pro Shop”.

  5. Ralph Says:

    Thanks Steve. He was a a pretty nice guy. He drilled a few bowling balls for me as well as give me a few bowling lessons.

  6. dick wagner Says:

    The North End Traveling league bowled there in late 50’s /early
    60’s.Gabby used a two finger ball because his hands were pretty
    messed up from years of catching

  7. Allan Says:

    Later called Sy’s Lanes (that’s what I remember this place as, the old Gabby Hartnett name was before my time), and was sadly torn down about 3-5 years ago. I love seeing these old pics, so much!

  8. Hank Leverence Jr. Says:

    Hank says’ At the age of 9 years in 1951 I traveled on a family vacation from New Jersey to visit relatives in Lincolnwood. My dad’s first cousin “Dorothy Lehman” was Gabby Hartnett’s executive secretary! She introduced me to Gabby, shook his large hand, and admired the large portrait hanging behind the bar of Gabby making a famous World Series tag play. I am now in my 76th. year and still have the vivid memory of my visit. I would love to buy that portrait…………………

  9. Hank Leverence Jr. Says:

    Thank you J.R. I might have missed it this year as Piazza and Jr. were inducted. Will look harder next year………………..

  10. Ron Davis Says:

    We used to go there with the Greater Chicago Traveling League. I first went there as a kid when my dad bowled in GCTL. Gregg Zicha and I used to bowl in the little annex, I think it was 4 lanes.

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