Bill Hill (1975)


“The Big D”

Chicago Bowling Star


7 Responses to “Bill Hill (1975)”

  1. Denis Kippes Says:

    I bowled with Bill Hill in the North End Traveling League. He worked at Empire Bowl on Milwaukee Avenue. As nice a guy as you will ever meet.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Bill died much too young. I went to high school with him, and we bowled our first few ABC’s together–see the pictures on the DR. JAKE’S ABC TOURNAMENT page.

  2. Denis Kippes Says:

    I was shocked when Bill left us at such a young age. In my bag of bowling pics I found the team pic that we took at the 1978 ABC Tournament in St. Louis. We were bowling in the North End out of Timber Lanes owned by Kenny Rasmussen at the time. Kenny really supported us and we practiced for virtually nothing every Saturday afternoon. Our team was hard to beat there because we knew the lanes so well. We did win the 76/77 North End Traveling League of which Bill was our sixth man and always tough when you needed score and in the clutch. He was a calming influence that I really admired on a team of emotional bowlers.

  3. Skip Justice Says:

    Hello Denis: Remember Me?
    Skip Justice

    • Denis Kippes Says:

      Hi Skip! I never forget a nice guy, a Cub fan or an old participant in the Marigold Major League. I’m still bowling in two leagues and living in Oregon, Il. We have a small 12 laner out here near a corn field and my wife and I go over there to practice frequently. How have you been doing?

  4. Val Says:

    Why was Bill Hill called The Big D?

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