Orchard Twin Bowl

9444 N. Skokie Blvd. (Skokie)

Site of the 1960 season of the “Championship Bowling” TV show

Home house of the 1964-65 Loyola Academy bowling team


4 Responses to “Orchard Twin Bowl”

  1. Mike Jones Says:

    This center is the former home of the old “Championship Bowling” series on TV back in the 50s. The Golden Age of Bowling when the game was better by far!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      “Championship Bowling” was run as an actual, ABC-sanctioned elimination tournament at Orchard Twin Bowl in 1960. Ray Bluth won, shooting a 299 along the way. A 6-pin cost him $10,000 in 1960-money.

  2. Harry Follick Says:

    I recall watching the program, “Championship Bowling” with Fred Wolf. I was only a youngster but remember names like Carmen Salvino, Ned Day, Johnny king, Ed Lubanski, and quite a few others. Those were the founders of the sport of Bowling. I don’t specifically recall Ray Bluth bowling a 299 but it is a shame to come so close to a substanial prize. Boy, $10,000 was quite a bit of money in those days.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Though Bluth missed the perfect game prize, he did win that match against Golembiewski and got $10,000 for becoming the champion of the 1960 “Championship Bowling” series. Ray will be turning 90 this New Year’s Eve.

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