Orchard Twin Bowl

9444 N. Skokie Blvd. (Skokie)

Site of the 1960 season of the “Championship Bowling” TV show

Home house of the 1964-65 Loyola Academy bowling team

9 Responses to “Orchard Twin Bowl”

  1. Mike Jones Says:

    This center is the former home of the old “Championship Bowling” series on TV back in the 50s. The Golden Age of Bowling when the game was better by far!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      “Championship Bowling” was run as an actual, ABC-sanctioned elimination tournament at Orchard Twin Bowl in 1960. Ray Bluth won, shooting a 299 along the way. A 6-pin cost him $10,000 in 1960-money.

  2. Harry Follick Says:

    I recall watching the program, “Championship Bowling” with Fred Wolf. I was only a youngster but remember names like Carmen Salvino, Ned Day, Johnny king, Ed Lubanski, and quite a few others. Those were the founders of the sport of Bowling. I don’t specifically recall Ray Bluth bowling a 299 but it is a shame to come so close to a substanial prize. Boy, $10,000 was quite a bit of money in those days.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Though Bluth missed the perfect game prize, he did win that match against Golembiewski and got $10,000 for becoming the champion of the 1960 “Championship Bowling” series. Ray will be turning 90 this New Year’s Eve.

    • drpepperforever Says:

      So, there was no bowling before Salvino, Day, Lubanski, etc? Those guys were the founders of bowling?

      I respectfully disagree.

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        I’m with you, drpepperforever. That’s why I write about bowling history in Bowlers Journal.

  3. Harry Follick Says:

    You are correct that there was a sport of bowling prior to those aforementioned professionals. I note that Bo Burton mentioned on a couple of programs of the PBA Tour that the tournament that became the US Open has it origins from about 1921 when it was called the National Match Play Championship.

    Several organizations involved in championship bowling got their start in those early days like the BPAA in about 1932 and I believe the ABC quite a bit before that.

    Yes there was a sport of bowling some time before the founding of the PBA.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      My book THE BOWLING CHRONICLES has 90 historical articles, some of them covering the points you raise. You can probably get a copy of the book from your library.

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