Corral Lanes

Corral Lanes

4701 N. Cumberland Ave. (Norridge)

7 Responses to “Corral Lanes”

  1. Lorel S Says:

    Had a birthday party at Corral when I was a kid in grade school in the 1960’s. Next door was Greentree Stables where the Medinah Black Horse Troop was stabled.

  2. joe action Says:

    I went there shortly before they closed. The counterman (owner?) was in a wheelchair and when the ball would not come back, he rode the wheelchair to the back to handle the call. I don’t know if that was Mr. O’Brien. (His name on the sign). Old AMF place…..must have been one of the first buildings in the area….had some kind of barns or other type of old buildings in the back…maybe a stable at one time.

    The last time I was there, I think it was the wife of the owner who was inside the bar and she told me the owner died…was somewhere around 2001-2004.

  3. joe action Says:

    Now I read the first comment! Oooops!!

  4. T. K. Says:

    My in-laws were friends with the owners, Jim and Tilly O’Brien. Jim was confined to a wheelchair. They were extremely nice people, who worked hard and took pride in their business.

  5. J Carr Says:

    I would love to see the murals on the sidewalls of the alleys. I think I remember them signed by James O’Brien. I think one Geronimo and other a stagecoach. Great 1950s 60s Western art.

    I read that building may be site of speakeasy and “Red light” rooms in back in the 1920s and was one of Silas Jane’s buildings.

  6. Kathy Hegg Says:

    Jim and Tillie O’Brien, the owners of Corral Lanes, were my aunt and uncle. I went to the bowling alley numerous times to visit them. My Uncle Jim did paint the murals on the walls of the bowling alley. They took pride in their bowling alley. My Aunt Tillie died first. The woman who became involved with my uncle after my aunt died got everything when he died. She took advantage of him. Therefore the surviving family members got NOTHING! It was very sad!

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