Dick Agee (1963)


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5 Responses to “Dick Agee (1963)”

  1. Adrienne Agee Says:

    This is my father. He has passed as of a few years ago. What a great personality he was. I miss you, Dad!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      This past September, I wrote an article for Bowlers Journal about bowlers who performed Grofe’s “Grand Canyon Suite”–namely, Don Carter and Dick Agee. If you haven’t seen it, there’s a nice photo of your dad performing on stage at the San Francisco Opera House.

  2. Adrienne Agee Says:

    Thank you! Yes I have a newspaper article with him bowling there! I will check it out! Thanks again! I sure miss him especially today!

  3. Adrienne Agee Says:

    JRS: Can you provide a link? I was not able to find it…thank you

  4. Timo Agee Says:

    Such a great picture of my father! Miss you pops….3/08/1929-11/19/2006

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