Evergreen Bowl

Evergreen Bowl

1335 N. Paulina St.

16 Responses to “Evergreen Bowl”

  1. Moises alonso Says:

    I grew up in this place and I also worked at evergreen as a teenager

  2. Moises alonso Says:

    The had 10 lanes a locker room a coat room and a bar

  3. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    What I remember about Evergreen is the old Italian men from the neighborhood playing Morra for hours after league.

  4. joe action Says:

    Ed Kolski, the alderman at the time, owned the house. Beautiful old 12 (or 10) lane house. Jules, the counterman….watch out for that guy. Brunswicks with the overgrounds and the dark green masks with the grille. Bar on the corner of the building. Must have played “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” on their jukebox a million times. Ron Majesty and Dave Grzybowski are names that come to mind.

    A hot dog stand was across the street. Now a Jewel store on the site. The Wieboldt’s store was around the corner on Milwaukee Av. And down the street at Division and Ashland was the old Manufacturers Bank where the bank president jumped off of the roof after the ’29 depression hit. The magnificent building is still there.

    Which brings to mind a house in the basement of what was a hotel (now an apartment or condo building) just south of the southwest corner of Milwaukee and Division. The name slips my mind but I’ll check it out.

  5. rob cyranek Says:

    Does anyone remember Joe the Bum? He’s my grandpa and ran this bowling alley for years.

  6. Brian Says:

    This is my families old bowling alley, do you have the original photos?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I took the exterior photo about 1974, and it’s the only one I have. Maybe someone else who reads this will have more pictures.

  7. Mike Pietrusinski Says:

    My dad bowled here for many years with the PAPA’s (Polish American Pharmacist’s Association)….didn’t know if this was the place or not until I saw Ed Kolski’s name mentioned…..I vaguely remember the place but I tend to remember “Stella” who worked there (I was in grade school when my dad bowled there in the later 70s early 80s

  8. Anthony Cyranek Says:

    My grandfather, Joe Brzank ran this place for years. I grew up with great memories of Evergreen.

  9. Dolly Smith Says:

    A group of us girls bowled in leagues for years, called Duke’s Allstars, Carol, Sandie, Dolly and Arlene just to name a few! Great memories!

  10. john Says:

    Does anyone remember the newspaper stand on the corner of Milwaukee and Paulina back in the 50’s?

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